Welcome to our Electric Kids Cars store

Ride on Toy Cars make a great gift idea for kids, be it a birthday present, a Christmas gift or just for some other special occasion. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes just like real cars. In fact, most of the popular ride on toy cars are generally modelled on real makes and brands of car. Can you see your child cruising around in one of our Ferrari or Mercedes sports cars? If so Electric Kids Cars can help!

Ride On Toy Cars generally fit into two categories. The first is replicas of famous sports cars. At Electric Kids Cars we stock some replica ride on cars from Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes, and more. Parents and the whole family would love to see their little one riding around in a Ferrari or some other flash sports car. Maybe it’s even a bit of position conditioning for when the child grows up and they can aspire to drive a real Ferrari.

Other ride on toy cars  can be related to kids toys, like the Lightning McQueen car that is based on the character out of the Disney movie “Cars”. Other theme related cars include the Barbie style cars. These are generally based on the type of cars that the doll Barbie might drive. Obviously, these cars are extremely popular with girls and have plenty of pink colours and barbie logos on the cars. Dora the Explorer also has a ride on car toy based on her own travels in the cartoon and books.

We’ll be stocking these types of vehicles on the Electric Kids Cars site in the near future. Sign up to the Electric Kids Cars newsletter at the bottom of the page to find out more about our future stock.